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L-SOMA Gastric Auto-Injectors

L-SOMA Gastric Auto-Injectors The majority of the world’s population very rarely thinks of the route of administration needed to maximize the efficiency of a drug. You have a headache, swallow a Tylenol, allergies intranasal delivery “snort” Flonase, having an asthma attack inhale Albuterol, or you accidentally bit into a peanut butter cookie thinking it was […]

Why We Should Talk to Patients Who Drop Out of Clinical Trials

Dec 13, 2017 By Sandy Chase Applied Clinical Trials Like so many of my colleagues in the world of clinical patient recruitment and retention, I spend a lot of time contemplating data points. Key performance indicators. Screen fail rates. Randomization numbers. Retention rates (and their dubious sibling, drop-out rates). I’ve learned that data points which surface predictably in recap decks, often paint an unfinished picture. Of all […]