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Transplanted Human Cortical Organoids

Transplanted Human Cortical Organoids One of the largest hurdles in the advancement of medicinal sciences is its applicability to heal or cure. Numerous strides have been made in order to close this gap by revolutionizing the mouse animal model. The ability of the animal to contain any human-derived cells or tissue used for therapeutic drug […]

Psychedelics show promise for mental health disorders

Psychedelics Show Promise for Mental Health Disorders

Psychedelics Show Promise for Mental Health Disorders Until recently, psychedelics, specifically psilocin from mushrooms and lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), were limited to recreational use with no medicinal benefit. Currently, psychedelics are showing promise in clinical trials as therapeutic strategies for mental health disorders. While scientists understand the serotonergic modulation these drugs elicit in the brain […]